Atlantic Interlude

The full vacation vibe descended on me from head to toe, a feeling of ease, freedom and carefree joy. Just from dunking in the ocean.


Some Thoughts on the Last Day of July, 2017

As I drive home from Cowansville I’m a bit surprised that I’m not more tired. As I sat in the medical clinic awaiting my number to be called in order to register for a blood test which I had been putting off for weeks, I was mindful how physical exhaustion plays with your mind. For… Continue reading Some Thoughts on the Last Day of July, 2017

A Poster Remembered

The long walk to baggage claim. Montreal International Airport. Naomi and I are on the moving walkway but the space beside us, a long and wide and very smooth floor, is there for the taking. Two kids, fashionably dressed in black — caps, T-shirts and pants — glide by us on skateboards. “The perfect place to… Continue reading A Poster Remembered