It’s a Mechaye!

It’s a Mechaye! One of the first expressions that I learned from my wife many moons ago (we were still dating) was “It’s a Mechaye!” (pronounced “Mech” – like you’re gargling, plus “a-yeh”.) It’s a Yiddish expression that roughly means “It’s a pleasure”.  “Roughly”, because many experiences are pleasurable, but mechaye connotes a great-sense-of-relief-type-of-pleasure following… Continue reading It’s a Mechaye!

The Promised Land

A very spiritual guy, Trevor Hall is another “find”, musical-wise. Below are the lyrics and YouTube video of a song combining New Age, rap & singer-songwriter styles. Trevor comes from South Carolina. He’s only in his very early 30’s. The Promised Land by Trevor Hall Sometimes I don’t feel at home Like exodus in… Continue reading The Promised Land