A Return to Power

You know what they say about puns: Puns are their own re-word.

I love puns. I love making puns. Making puns and inventing limericks are two of my favourite mind games. Trying to piece together a limerick happens at funny moments: in bed before getting up, during a hike.

Writing a limerick isn’t easy. You need to have three rhymes to a word which go together in the theme that you invent for the limerick. Finding a word that rhymes three times is hard enough but three times that will go together in the limerick stanzas is much more difficult.

Yesterday two things happened.

One, we lost our hydro energy for about four hours. Two, Naomi inadvertently came up with a great pun. Somehow, they were connected.

It was six in the morning when we lost our power. The propane stove which heats our house came up with a little “ping” sound as the pilot light went out.


The last time we were out of power was in November and this power outage lasted almost a full day. We weren’t well prepared. During the day I drove to Mansonville about 20 minutes away and bought two giant plastic water containers which we used for drinking, for dishes as well as our toilet . When power finally returned, I filled up both containers for future emergencies and carried them into the basement.

So this time we were better prepared.

But not completely. Putting batteries into the mechanism of the propane stove we discovered that the pilot light wouldn’t go on. Without a flame and with the wall heaters out of commission, we would soon freeze.

We took apart various flashlights and came up with four new AA batteries and the stove kicked into a nice warm flame. So – we are now better prepared for the next time when (and not “if”) the power goes out again.

This winter has been crazy. Minus 17 Celsius one day, raining and plus 6 the next. It can’t decide what kind of winter it wants to be. Still, when I watch the news from the States I know that we’re having a great winter compared to our friends south of the border. But when the rain comes down hard and the wind starts a-blowin’, bad things can happen. I was just happy that the power was out for only four hours this time.

When it came back on, at around 10 am, I had finished my meditation and it was time for breakfast. I enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and toast.

Naomi noticed the toast and asked for a bite. The other day I had spent more money than I would have liked on some bread at the health food store because both bakeries in Sutton are closed on Monday and Tuesday (the new “weekend”).

She liked the taste and decided to have some toast for herself.

She was in a good mood, too, because the power had returned.

Taking a piece of bread out and putting it in the toaster she said in all innocence: “I’m going to make a celebratory toast.”

I loved it.




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