Lost & Found, etc.

How often can a person lose a cap? Three times, and the trip wasn’t over yet.

Each day, from moment to moment, either during a hike or strolling through a new city, I attempt to be mindful, but sometimes the connection between me and the here and now is lost, like when I take off my cap at a restaurant and place it under a nearby chair, for example, and rush off leaving it there. I estimate that I’ve lost over 20 caps this way over the past 20 years…

I usually love my caps but that hasn’t stopped me from losing them.


I Remember You

Besides my mental habit of making assumptions, often incorrectly, I also have the habit of comparing the present to some place or event in the past. Call it a reverie of memory.

Often – too often for Naomi – I’ll say a version of “This reminds me of…” even when we are experiencing something completely new.

“This reminds me of Switzerland,” I said as we hiked near the summit of Mount Revelstoke, British Columbia.

“This reminds me of home,” I mentioned more than once, when in fact there was no obvious similarity between where we were and home. Some elevated feeling in the present triggers strong memories of something that we’ve experienced together or by myself in the distant past, as my mind skips down memory lane.

It seems that I don’t need a visual cue to be reminded of some thing or some place. Usually, the vibe is enough to vividly relive it.

Eventually, I even become irritated at opening my mouth with these observations. A conflict between what is happening and my psycho physical response to it starts developing. I’m in two places at once.

While this can be a difficult thing to overcome, I’m still happy that I have such a clear memory.

Maybe it takes a trip to realize what a rich life you’ve led…


I’ll Have Mine Black

You know what they say about Seattle coffee. Seattle is the coffee town. A description of an Airbnb accommodation noted that there was no coffee machine in her place. No self-respecting Seattle resident has coffee at home, she wrote. We all get ours at the neighbouring café.

In Saskatoon, where we had to choose some ground coffee for the next few weeks, we eventually picked Seattle’s Best Coffee #3. Incredibly, it did taste much, much better than most coffees I’ve had. Suddenly, I was even more looking forward to our upcoming visit to Washington State.

As it turned out, when we finally reached Seattle and stayed for three days, we never did find this amazing café with the anticipated awesome cup of java.

Twice while out, I ordered green tea, my favourite beverage following morning coffee at breakfast. The one time I did order a coffee, I have to say it was awful.

Following our stay in Seattle, we arrived in Portland, Oregon, where we stayed with my niece for a couple of nights. I happened to mention my love affair with this Seattle Blend #3. Her reaction? As she plunged the thermometer into the kettle to make sure the water was the proper temperature before pouring it into the French press, she scrunched up her nose regarding what she considered a third-rate blend.

Oh well, you can’t please everyone!



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