Hey, Get off the Freakin’ Road!

With Naomi’s bear bell ringing away, and with me walking behind her, I sank into a reverie.


God’s Country

…the villages of Frelighsburg, Knowlton, Sutton, and Bromont, as well as Dunham, all seemed to emit their own charm and self-assured identities. I employed the cliché “God’s Country” a lot back then as we drove through the area looking for a new home; I was truly impressed with the silence, charm, beauty and refined quality of the area.

Wrong Assumptions

I learned to mistrust my assumptions eventually, which is a good thing, having a vivid imagination that can easily take me to all kinds of mistaken conclusions. Until I started catching myself I would too often say to Naomi, “This is not at all what I imagined I’d experience here.”