We’re in the town of Jasper, Alberta, and it really hits us, as it did earlier in the day hiking around Maligne Lake: the cacophony of foreign languages spoken by the tourists walking about.

For it is mostly foreigners, not Canadians, who seem to be most enjoying the Rockies: Brits, Germans, Italians, French, many Oriental peoples (mostly Japanese, I assume) and East Indians, among others.

At breakfast, at the lodge where we’re staying, there are more foreign tourists than Canadians. No wait, we reckon we are the only Canadians eating. I start chatting with a British couple who say they absolutely love Canada.

Later in the trip, at two different campsites, one at Mount Robson and another close to Mount Revelstoke, both in B.C., our neighbours are not so much from other countries but when it comes to actual hikers that we cross ascending or descending, Canadians are still greatly outnumbered.

Chances are this young lady is from France instead of Toronto…

The conclusion I come up with is that Lake Louise and Jasper should both be avoided in the middle of summer if you don’t like big crowds.

Still, it is a little sad, isn’t it, that Canadians don’t seem to be visiting the most beautiful spots in their own majestic Canadian Rockies.

Breathtaking views, spiritual vistas, hey Canadians, what are you waiting for?

Lumpy, Grumpy

Of all the hotels, lodges and Airbnb’s we stay at over 44 days travelling, only one ends up having a decent bed, one that isn’t soft and lumpy. Apparently, the importance of providing a firm bed hasn’t much imbedded itself in this part of the world (west of Montreal); I can count at least 12 or so places where we stayed (outside of relatives or my firm Thermarest under my sleeping bag) that should receive a B- in the bed department.


It doesn’t impede a good night’s sleep, however, unless you object to sleeping on an egg yolk. I mean, you get used to sinking into the mattress, eventually.

Even in relatively expensive luxury hotels, we found the beds seriously lacking.

Unless it’s just me…


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