Timing & Coincidences

On my way to Sutton this morning – it’s a 17-minute drive – a number of interesting things happened.

First of all, a fox ran onto Burnett Street right in front of me.

Seeing a fox is a rare event; I’ve observed maybe two others in 16 years living in this neck of the woods. (When we lived in Dunham we had neighbours who complained about the foxes who were eating up their chickens.)

This one, so easily identifiable by its reddish fur and rather small size, ran along with me, as I slowed down behind him (or her). Then he darted into the high grass. Wow, I thought, that was nice.

Burnett is a dead-end street. So is the one I live on. Therefore, I live on a dead-end street off another dead-end street. As you can imagine, we don’t get much traffic. At the end of our street is a very large protected forest, and running down the middle is the border between the U.S. and Canada.

As I slowed down to cross the railway tracks on Burnett (the train crosses once a day – something I’ve heard but never seen) imagine my surprise when a car coming from the other direction crossed at the exact same moment as me.

Never happens. Ever.

Then, to my right, a little further along, I noticed a small family of wild turkeys “grazing” to one side of a stand of trees.

Wild turkeys are not that rare around here. Still, you don’t see them every day. Naomi loves wild turkeys which is why I will slow down, if I can, whenever we pass a group of them. Naomi thinks that wild turkeys are beautiful. Me, not so much. That doesn’t take away from the fact that they are interesting to look at.


Cool, I thought. (Interestingly, at the IGA after my workout at the gym, I contemplated, then rejected, the idea of buying some smoked turkey only because the memory of passing these birds was still fresh in my mind…)

Finally, as I continued driving and listening to my IPod, and because there was no traffic, I reached over to delete a song I was tired of – All Things Must Pass – this version sung by Paul McCartney at the celebration following George Harrison’s passing (what an irony there, come to think of it…). It’s a little complicated maneuver to do: touch the icon with the little buttons, touch the word Delete, then touch again where it says Delete from my selection. Since I had slowed down I was able to do this.

Guess which song was very next on the IPod’s shuffle: All Things Must Pass, this version sung by George Harrison.

How often does this happen? Almost never.

So, all these cool things happened within five minutes of my leaving my house…

The trip back home from Sutton was uneventful, however.

Good timing happens once in a while.

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