Camping 2016-Style

Wow, they’re large!

Strolling past other people’s campsites, we never cease to be amazed at the size of tents nowadays. Simply enormous.

You can easily stand in them, you can fit your bed, your mate’s bed and all the kids’ sleeping bags comfortably on the floor and still have plenty of room to spare.


Campsites are designed so large nowadays that you can even put up that large open eating area so that the whole family can eat or play cards in a mosquito-protected spot outside your sleeping tent. Sometimes, when the campsite is not that big, people put up their eating areas smack in the middle of the nearby hiking trail.


You get the feeling that people are not that interested in “roughing it” anymore.

I can understand the mosquito netting. I myself hate swiping away mosquitoes while eating or washing the dishes. But you do miss out on the experience a bit when eating “outdoors” is more akin to eating indoors. Our tents for this trip are tiny; they’re designed to be taken on backcountry backpacking trips. (If I weren’t such a light sleeper we would have gotten by with one.)

Speaking of camping, tents nowadays are outnumbered by camper trailers. And if you thoughts tents were becoming larger and larger, even for two people, you should see these monsters!

How many of these types of campers did we pass on our trip? Hundreds.

They take forever to maneuver into their spot. Some are the size of giant busses. Some in fact are giant busses.

You hate to get behind one of these behemoths on the highway.

But that’s another story…


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