Fun Facts regarding Ontario

But is Ontario beautiful?

Certainly, the hikes we took within the boundaries of its parks provide plenty of beautiful vistas: Killarney Provincial Park, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Pukaskwa National Park on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Despite the great highway conditions, much of the scenery is marred by billboards along the way. How many signs welcoming you to their town do the businesses and organizations of Kenora, situated in western Ontario, really need? And without the signs, much of the route along the Trans-Canada Highway is nothing more than monotonous forests rushing past; there are no real vistas to speak of. The exception is the beginning of Lake Superior: the road becomes windy with high cliffs to one side and surprisingly high hills in the distance framing the horizon. Every once in a while Lake Superior comes into view and it is majestic.

"Lake Superior Circle Route Near Rossport, Ontario, Canada "
“Lake Superior, Trans Canada Highway, Near Rossport, Ontario, Canada “

Other memorable views from our car included the largest stack of cut timber we’ve ever seen, again right in town in Kenora. Naomi and I just gawked as we drove by thousands of trees piled high in enormous stacks.

But one thing Ontario is, is very, very wide. The Trans-Canada goes on and on. And on and on. Past the billboards welcoming you to the region you’re passing through, or the hundreds of signs warning you about moose crossings; through the First Nations’ villages and the many billboards educating you about their communities; we made many stops at Tim Horton’s to recharge for the trip further west.



This is where the “real” Canadians hang out, the ever-popular Tim’s. Donut, anyone?

In terms of size, Ontario is larger than Spain and France combined. This incredible expanse from east to west does lead to a kind of awe.

Equally impressive, and something that I’ve already mentioned in another blog: the famed Canadian politeness and friendliness.


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