Today is the first day of the rest…


Today is the first day of the rest…

When I meet people these days the first question they ask is: “How’s retirement?”

I usually answer, “OK”, with not that much enthusiasm in my voice.

It’s kind of a conversation stopper because anything more emotional, pro or con, is bound to keep the discussion going. Some people will be happy with a passionate “Fantastic!” and others, possessing a healthy dose of schadenfreude, might be secretly happy with “Awful!” as a response.

Why is it only “Okay”?

The first reason that I give is that there are not the usual accomplishments completed during the day. Even if I often had mundane work to do at the office, there was a certain satisfaction getting it done, knowing that I was keeping the machine “well-oiled”. These days, the time flies by at an absurd speed, and I’ll go to bed feeling that I just woke up a couple of hours ago and I don’t have much to show for it…

It truly is bizarre how quickly the days go by, as if I’m in a time machine: blink and it’s evening.

Not that I pine for the “good old days” putting in my time as an executive assistant. Montreal is stiflingly hot these days, and my apartment without air conditioning was like living in steam bath. My new boss was insufferable and my decision to leave was reinforced this week when I discovered that my replacement recently left the  position that I occupied for just under four years: she lasted just over four months.

I spoke on the phone with the new executive assistant who replaced Vicky and in a couple of seconds realized that she and her boss are a good fit: full of themselves and their abilities, a bit haughty and arrogant.

So they deserve each other, even if it’s to the detriment of the cause, the charity that they work for.

Speaking about finding meaning in life: Naomi and I are preparing to embark on a trip of a lifetime across Canada and the U.S. by car. That should fill any empty spaces in my daylight hours!

But before we go, I’d like to invite my friends to something which Naomi has been working quite hard over the last six months – her studio tour. Her technique is unique, her style open and fun. Not to mention that her studio is worth the visit all by itself. Details can be had at Lookin’ forward to seeing you!

DSC_0226 - Copy
Using paper clay slabs, Naomi constructs her tea bowls and adds images using a silk screen technique. There’s no wheel involved. Truly unique!







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