A Cool Spring

A Cool Spring

The person who forecast a cool spring probably still has his or her job. I admit that I didn’t hear it repeated too many times at the time, but there was that one occasion back in February when I heard on the radio, “We can expect a very warm spring this year.“

Well, it hasn’t been a warm spring, in fact it’s been quite a cool one, and more than one person I’ve spoken to is very happy about this fact. Put me down as one who is happy with the idea of a cool spring. So many of our springs, in the past many years, have been overly warm; it seems that, besides the fact that leaves still have to push out, we go from winter to summer far too often.

Ironically, many of the very warm springs are followed by cool summers. I haven’t, but I’ve heard many people complain of “not having a summer this year”. Perhaps this cool spring will be followed by a really hot summer; not too many people will complain about that.

Yesterday, we hiked up one of Mt. Sutton’s hiking trails but couldn’t make it to Spruce Lake due to a continued accumulation of snow and ice (we hadn’t come prepared with crampons to put on our boots; on the approach to the upper levels there was snow, further down it was quite warm…).


On our drive to Sutton, we noticed many cyclists on Scenic Road and it was only April 30th. We had the hiking trail to ourselves on the ascent, but it must have been early in the day because a lot more hikers showed up on our way down. I’m happy about the fact that I seem to need exercise every day; today, while quite chilly and spitting rain, I took my first bicycle ride down to a whisker of the American border a couple of kilometers from my house. I had “thrown shade” on this ride to Naomi, telling her yesterday that I didn’t think it was exercise enough. I was wrong; I was quite out of breath by the time I got home; cycling against a strong breeze helped make it more intense exercise than I thought it would be.

I’d like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I don’t feel 62; yesterday I told Naomi that I felt around 57; today it’s more like around 50. Pretty soon I’ll be walking around with a pacifier in my mouth!


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