“Don’t go in there,” Naomi cautioned, “it stinks and it’s full.”

My wife had just come out of a port-o-potty behind the grocery store at Goose Rocks Beach, Maine. It’s the only public place “to go” at the beach. Apparently, the authorities would rather not desecrate their beautiful beach with a bathroom closer to the water, a decision that has dire consequences. Not only is the port-o-potty in gross shape by the end of the season, but the ocean water is naturally being used as a toilet by those unwilling to walk a half a mile or so to “pass water”.

Luckily, due to my sixth sense, I could tell which part of the ocean was more “toilet” than ocean, and by the 2nd day I was making my way to the quiet side where there were far less bathers. The water here was incredibly clean and I swam four or five times each day.

This was our second time at Goose Rocks Beach (please feel free to read last year’s “Temper-ature” While the early September water is chilly, August’s is downright, well, not warm, but the warmer side of chilly. It’s funny –I found myself swimming in and out of warmer or colder water currents.

This year, being August, the beach was much more crowded. Call me a snob, but I’ll take the sparse beach and colder water any day. Plus the sun is so strong at this time of year…

Still, there’s no replacing the restorative effect of sun and sea. For my money, swimming, as the saying goes, is the best exercise or way up there, anyway. I cannot swim as long or as far as I can run or jog or “stairmaster”, or even lift weights. Yet, there’s a special feeling in the body after a day at the beach, a kind of physical bliss.

As for the name of this blog posting, I had an epiphany this summer – the fact that I’m ingesting much more salt in my diet. I know that this goes against the norm; the health warning about taking in too much sodium is something that I’m well aware of. But when I started feeling “empty” and spaced-out, particularly during a very humid and insomniac night of intense perspiring (besides no TV in my apartment, guess what else I don’t have…) I began putting a little salt in my drinking water and… felt instantly much better.

Now I ingest more salt in my water and meals and constantly feel better. Who would have thunk it?

IMG_0098 (1)


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