Hey, I’m E-G!

Hey, I’m E-G!

My wife was reviewing upcoming meal menus that she was planning on making for the weekend. Would I like this for Friday dinner, that for Saturday?

“Whatever, sweetie,” I said. “I’m very e-g.”

“You, easygoing! Ayk’m?”

“No, I’m not kidding you. I am easygoing.”

Just as adamantly she responded, “You’re the least e-g person I know!”

Well, so we don’t agree, but I do know what she’s talking about. When it comes to at least one aspect of our co-habitation, I am not at all easygoing.

It has to do with our sleeping arrangement. I need to have a nocturnal situation where “the energy flows”. I demand this from myself when I sit to meditate, making sure that there are no extraneous objects around me that are “blocking energy”. I will move pillows to another room if possible, rearrange furniture if necessary (turning chairs this way and that), and doing other seemingly trivial things with the goal that when I finally meditate the energy will flow in my body in the best possible way. So much stress is released in every meditation that if the energy is blocked I’m apt to feel uncomfortable.

The same goes for sleeping but this time my needs and demands inflict a fair bit of bother on my better half.

It began early on in our relationship when I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking off her watch when she went to bed…

We’re both fairly neat people so there’s never a pile of clothes on the floor when we go to bed. However, I might insist that I put her sandals on the other side of the bedroom before we call it a day. A night table full of “stuff” is a no-no. The night table beside my head is virtually empty; it only has a watch in the drawer. Each night I pull the plug out of the computer and take out the Kleenex box from one of my drawers and put it on the office table, only to put it back again in the morning. I cut out labels from my clothes and…err, I think you get the idea.

I’d better stop before you consider me completely eccentric.

Most nights, getting a full eight hours sleep is a challenge. Rare is the night that I don’t wake up once or twice and getting back to sleep can be quite difficult. If the energy feels blocked and I can’t easily release stress I can stay up for hours.

No, I’m not completely e-g. (Don’t ask why we like our acronyms.)

But plan a day with me, propose a weekend’s menu, suggest a restaurant or a movie, choose a topic for discussion, test my biases, play different genres of music for me, I’d contend that I’m rather easy-going.

If only my wife agreed!

'Well, Dear, if you must roam about the house dressed as a chicken, that's fine, but please close the drapes when you do!'
‘Well, Dear, if you must roam about the house dressed as a chicken, that’s fine, but please close the drapes when you do!’

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