Easy Come, Easy…


Easy Come, Easy…

We were at the accountant’s yesterday. Tax time. The woman assigned to us handed Naomi her tax forms first. She owed a little to one of the governments. Nothing unusual.

When it came to my turn, there were substantial refunds coming from both governments, Federal and Provincial. They totaled over $4,600. This was a bit on the high side, I admit, but I have received nothing but refunds for at least 15 years.

When the person casually mentioned that Naomi was my dependent, Naomi made a face. She didn’t like the sound of that but I, on the other hand, kind of liked the sound of it.

Still, something didn’t sit right with Naomi. “I’m Ron’s dependent?” she asked. “Are you aware of the money I took out last year? I told Anik about it…”

Anik was the person Naomi handed off all our tax stuff to a few weeks ago.

“Err,” the accountant said, looking at the forms, “there’s no sign of that here.”

We had to go and said we’d be back in an hour. Everything would be straightened out when we returned, the accountant promised. My refunds shouldn’t change, she assured me.

An hour later, we were back at the accountant’s, seated at a conference table. Anik, this time, was there to apologize for the error. No problem, we said.

Naomi was given her new tax return. She was to get a nice refund from one of the governments (in Quebec, we file with both the Federal and Provincial governments). Way to go, Naomi!

I was given mine. I owed $252 with one government. With the other, I was due a $65 return.

Hey, what just happened?

Naomi was no longer a dependent.

All the tax breaks given to one spouse when the other is a dependent had just melted away! For about an hour I was $4,600 richer; Naomi joked that I hadn’t offered her anything, and that it was I who always got the tax break. An hour later, I was to receive a refund worth, as Anick told me trying to cheer me up, enough for a good dinner out, while I owed the other government enough for a couple of good dinners out.

Ah, I don’t mind. Easy come, easy go.


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