Adam and Eve, or is it Monsieur et Madame?

Naomi and I live in a tiny place, so it’s no small thing to begin sharing it with another couple. They arrived just the other day and already have left quite an impression.

The story of how they ended up with us began when we first spied them at a now-closed store on posh Laurier Avenue in Montreal a number of years ago which catered to selling Asian furniture. The store was filled with beautiful dark wood furniture with intricate carvings, heavy and substantial. As we turned a dark corner in the cramped place, Naomi and I saw them there, lying on their backs!

“Where are they from?” we asked the owners.

“East Timor,” was the answer.

East Timor. I suddenly wanted to get into an encyclopedia and read up on the place.


The woman, as you can see, is on the right (she has slightly larger breasts). Her man is on the left. What are they holding? Offerings to each other? A glass of coconut milk? The sacred aphrodisiac that comes with their first night together?

Their postures are straight, as they must bear the crowns they are wearing on their heads. The woman’s shoulders are broader than her man’s. She even looks more muscular in the arms, broader in the little bit of lower leg that we can see…

The couple was carved out of Asian hardwood and each one occupies their own panel, tall – about seven or eight feet. They carried with them a strong and silent dignity that was impossible to ignore.

We bought them.

Now we share our house with them. At the expense of sounding idolatrous, I sense that the emanations coming from this powerful couple is wholly positive and sacred and, as they are now a part of our family, I hope that their life-supporting influence in our already beautiful and serene home will increase what is already a very spiritual place.

The final result?


Our new armoire sits near the front of the house. Adam and Eve, or Madame et Monsieur, as Naomi prefers to call them, form the doors to a new armoire which provides much-needed storage space. When I open these doors to get to something, it is with a strange reverence, as if what is inside is something of a sacred nature, even if it isn’t.

IMG_0037       IMG_0036

As with so much to our new home, we lucked out tremendously when we found Adam and Eve.


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