My wife paid me scant attention this morning while I was leaving for work– she had her face in my new iPod playing her favourite game: Scrabble.

This iPod is a new toy for the both of us and I got it in a convoluted way.

One evening I received a call from a Bell rep selling new Turbo Hubs (router for Wi-Fi). The one I was using for years was fairly expensive, around $45 per month, for only 3 gigabytes of download capacity.

The one he was offering, on a new Bell Mobility telephone account, would be only $22 per month with a capacity of 20 gigabytes download capacity.

How could I refuse? I was easily going over the 3 gigabyte limit every month, paying a fortune (for me) to Canada’s 3rd largest telecommunications company. When I called Bell to cancel the old mobility number associated with my old router, I was told by another rep that I could switch it for a new, free Mac iPad mini (value: $429.00 pre-tax) and all, again, for $22 per month.

If there is a downside, it’s that the iPad comes with only 2 gigabytes of download capacity, meaning that if I watch a couple of videos, or download a few apps, I should quickly reach my limit in a couple of days within the 30-day billing period before being charged another $10 for a few more gigabyte usage, and then by the gigabyte. These surplus billings can, and do, add up.

So, bringing my new iPad to work, I was able to download all the apps that I could think of all on our office’s no-limit download network.

One of these apps (of course I’ll find a few more in the days and weeks to come) was Scrabble.


Naomi and I like to play Scrabble on a Sunday afternoon. She’ll usually beat me but lately I’ve improved to be more competitive. This competitiveness should end now that she’s got her hands on my iPod. At the beginner level she creams the computer opponent. At the intermediate level, she’ll still come out on top. At the advanced level, where she should be playing, she might win or she might lose. Either way, she’s honing her already sharp skills for the day when she can play at the expert level (btw, some of the words that the computer comes up with… I mean, really!)

It’s fun to see her get completely immersed in the game, as was the case this morning when I must have said “Goodbye” three times before she looked up, as it is to see her reading her e-reader with enthusiasm. Reading was not something that she did with great passion before she bought the device.

As for me, I think that I’ll prefer Tetris or the bridge apps that I’ve downloaded, or even poker, before I play Scrabble, if I can ever get my hands on the thing.



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