A Shame for Canada

A Shame for Canada

Question: In an age of instant communication, and considering the competition between the large Canadian corporations in the field of telecommunications, why is it taking Bell Canada so long to get its act together?

In my time as an administrative assistant at a charity in Montreal, I encountered time and time again glaring incompetence dealing with this company on many different fronts: Internet, telephone and in temporarily moving offices. Nice people on the phone promised us things that never came about, sold us offers that didn’t exist. Naïve to think that a technician would arrive at a promised time and date!

I was on the phone many times trying to get a person’s name off the monthly bill, someone who hadn’t worked with us for ten years: all for naught. When they finally took this person’s name off they decided to put my name in instead, although I clearly stated on the phone that all we needed was the charity’s name.

Bell charged us a fortune for telephone rentals that we could have bought out, not that we didn’t try. I remember my director getting more and more vexed trying to get a straight answer on the issue of buying out the phones, being told over and over that they were obsolete and that it couldn’t be done. (We finally did pay for them and immediately started saving money.)

'I'm sorry, but you have a very impressive resume, and at this company, we find competence threatening.'

Bell hires nice people who go through the right motions on the phone, but don’t believe them. What they promise you won’t happen. Don’t hold your breath, just exhale and call again. And again.

That is what I’m going through trying to get an outdoor line physically repaired and a new telephone number installed at my new home in Glen Sutton. First the line was supposed to be activated on Dec. 30th. No sign of a technician. Bell even texted me that he would be arriving in a half hour. He never showed up.

Then, after calling and being promised incorrectly that he was on our way, it was too dark and too late anyway even if he had arrived.

I called the next morning: so sorry, I was told. We are so sorry that you were inconvenienced. A technician will come this Saturday.

Didn’t happen.

I called again. So sorry for the inconvenience, sir. He will come for sure tomorrow.

He came, but didn’t have the equipment to put up the fallen line that would get us service at our house. Someone will come in a few days, he said.

Didn’t happen.

I called again. We apologize for the inconvenience, Mr. Silverman. Someone will come tomorrow.

Didn’t happen.

Called today. Now I am told by a very regretful Bel rep that a technician is supposed to come tomorrow to fix the line.

I am embarrassed to call myself a Canadian, supposedly a citizen of the 21st Century.

This company, this large, rich corporation, is so terrible when it comes to getting things done correctly. It’s been going on for years and yet it still continues. It’s a national disgrace.

Desk plaque: 'P. Burnside, Upper-Echelon Nincompoop'


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