Pet Peeves (and other things


Pet Peeves (& Other Things)

Everyone has his or her own pet peeves. I thought that I had two but, in thinking this blog out in my head this morning, I realized that in fact I had four.

In another mental category of unpleasantries, are the nuisances, things that people do that don’t quite rate as pet peeves. And then there are the things which don’t bother us too much but which inspire waves of sympathy.

I think of the overweight woman who works in an office nearby who would never think of taking the stairs. She’ll wait for the elevator even though the stairs are beckoning a few feet away. (In her defense, she might have a condition where exercise of any kind is discouraged.) I also feel sorry for smokers who I see puffing away at the Vezina Street side entrance to Decarie Square. They’re usually government employees on their coffee break. The aforementioned woman is also a smoker, I’ve sadly noted.

My first pet peeve takes place in the country. My wife and I often take walks on the country roads near our home. I hate it when people don’t slow down when they pass us. The drivers might give us lots of space but obviously don’t realize how unpleasant it is to be passed by a car travelling at high speeds.


Pet peeve #2 resulted in me being published in the Montreal Gazette (that’s mine on the bottom left). I notice that it’s too small to read; basically I was complaining about motorists who idle their car for long periods while performing other tasks than driving, i.e. texting, talking on their cellphones, waiting for a friend, etc. They titled the letter, “Idle cars are needless polluters”. ‘Nuff said.

RS letter to the editor

I also get steamed up when a driver keeps his or her car’s day lights on, and doesn’t turn on the car’s headlights, when it gets dark. Does the driver not realize that his/her back lights are not illuminated with only the day lights on? Now that it gets dark early, this is even more vital. Your day lights won’t do it, baby! (I have flashed my lights while driving behind bozos like this and it takes a lot to get their attention!)

While I’m at it, why do people not put on their headlights (if their day lights have been deactivated) during a rain or snowstorm? It’s dark out there, fella, put on your lights!!!

Finally, I’m not too happy at seeing cyclists drive at night often wearing dark clothes and without any lights on, front or rear, on their bicycles. Do they not realize how hard it is to spot them?

Lights for your bike do not cost a lot of money, so there’s really no excuse.

So there you have it, my pet peeve list. Not too bad considering how dumb our human species can be at times. I might add that I’m not too fond of litterers, but that must be on everyone’s list.


On a positive note, Naomi and I have been lucky to see two very good films lately which I’d like to recommend. They are The Good Lie, directed by Quebecer Philippe Falardeau, and Birdman, directed and written by the brilliant Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu (who also did Babel).

Scene from "The Good LIe"
Scene from “The Good LIe”
Scene from "Birdman". Michael Keaton deserves an Oscar.
Scene from “Birdman”. Michael Keaton deserves an Oscar.

Have a great week(end).


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