Some things I like


Some Things I Like

These are some of the things that I like about Spring.

  1. I never thought that I’d feel so strongly about it and that it would leave such a strong impression, but it’s welcome and inspiring to hear the sound of birds with their morning song. This morning, for example, it was only 3 degrees Celsius but the warble of the birds thrill the heart.
  2. To eat dinner without it being pitch black outside – this is a pleasure. Interestingly, my wife, who you can find writing in  her agenda in the early morning hours in almost complete darkness, claims that this is something she regrets. She claims to love eating with it dark outside: it’s more cosy for her.
  3. Even with a brisk wind and cool temperatures, it’s a joy to sit in the sun outside. I’ll be bundled up but there are moments of stillness and the warm sun on the face brings a soft healing feeling to the entire body.
  4. Of course, not having to get completely dressed up to go outside – those winter boots can take quite a while. And things will get only better with time, as we shed most of our winter wear as April progresses.


  1. There’s a lessening of the “hardship” vibe. Winter has a lot to offer. Sitting in front of the fire following an hour or so of cross-country skiing. Just walking in a blizzard is special. But there’s also an adversity aspect to it. Just try walking in the city following a snowstorm. Not fun. So when April rolls around and the snow has more or less melted and the air temperature is on the rise, life does seem easier.
  2. Now, to stray off topic, I’d like to recommend two books by the same author: Paul Theroux. These travel books break the mold of whatever we might think about the genre. Theroux is an accomplished fiction writer in his own right and a very skilful wordsmith. Moreover, despite being a bit obsessive-compulsive (you can skip sections where he goes overboard), Theroux will take you to places few dare to wander. These books are: Ghost Train to the Eastern Star (2008) and The Last Train to Zona Verde (2013). Awesome.

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