Late Spring


Late Spring

My wife looks up from her book and asks, as she glances outside, “What’s the date today?”

Friends, the date is March 28 and it shouldn’t be snowing today but it is.

Want to start a conversation with a stranger around here? Bring up the weather.

I was buying some tea the other day. The lady serving me looked at me shyly and said in French, “Everyone’s talking about the weather…” What she was saying was: I could start a conversation with you pretty easily. Topic? The weather, of course.

I answered only by saying, “I hope that this means we’ll have a prolonged late summer and fall.”

Most of March has been like the Februaries that we remember from years’ past: high pressure systems (lots of sun and no clouds) and freezing cold temperatures. Quite late in March, where we are now, would usually see lots of very warm days and plenty of grass showing. Now, when I look outside like my wife just did, all I see is white. (This snow is supposed to stop falling, according to, in an hour or so, followed by almost a full day of rain – we check the hourly forecast.)

All winter long, whenever I have tuned into the NBC Nightly News, rare was the broadcast that didn’t have the weather as one of its highlights. Drought in California; dastardly (and rare) snowstorms in Georgia; blinding blizzards in the Midwest; bone-chilling cold in places not used to it. “Southern Quebec’s weather is benign,” I would often tell my wife, “when compared to what’s happening in the States.”

All that talk about a Polar Vortex: once a phrase gets in the collective consciousness and lexicon, there’s no getting it out.


Still, one wants to shout, “Enough is enough!”

“It seems as if time is standing still,” my wife says, again looking up from her book. I begin to pantomime a person filling the dishwasher in slow motion. “Excuse me,” I say in slow-mo, “but I haaaaaave a dishwasher to fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllll.”

But it’s not really that funny.



One thought on “Late Spring

  1. Usually I find talk about the weather boring small talk; but this winter we really do have something to talk about! Looks like spring is finally on the way but I’m not putting my snow boots away just yet.

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