Sign me up for the luge


Do you know if any Canadians finished in the top five in Vancouver in the luge competition last Olympics?

How about the Giant Slalom competition? Where did Canada rank?

Hey people, it’s Olympic time again! For the next so many weeks we will bombarded with Olympic coverage. I think you know where I’m going with this: What a giant waste!

It’s true that I might tune into a few events (if I’m recuperating from an upcoming heart valve operation this February, then maybe I will be more than normally). I will watch the hockey final, particularly if Canada is playing. Very particularly, if Canada is playing the U.S.

I might watch a close game between the Canadian women’s hockey team and the U.S. if these two are in the finals.

I like watching Canada crush the opposition, or at least be very competitive, in speed skating.

Following every Olympics, when Canada doesn’t measure up to medal-producing standards, there’s a hue and cry for more funds. Bobsledders will say, “If only we had funding like athletes in Russia enjoy, we’d be on the podium, too.”

When you look at the crazy expense of the Olympics (this year’s will cost Russia over $50 billion), one must really wonder if there aren’t better ways in this problem-overwhelmed world to spend money.

Oh, and does the Olympics really bring the “world together”? Are we a more peaceful world when athletes come together, at huge expense, to compete in various athletic events under their respective flags? We know that everyone is cheering for the athletes from their countries. Every Olympic day we look at the list of medals that our country has won and what do we think? We’re a better (or worse) country?

There is so much hype on the radio and television before each Olympics. Is it necessary? Is it real? Or does it come from television producers worried that the incredible monetary investment necessary to cover the Olympics will not pay back? Okay, each Olympics thousands, maybe millions, tune into their coverage, but are we as a population really so interested in these events? Is the “human-interest” story that interesting? (Pretty girl from small-town prairies who trained in her back yard for years now showcases her talents in front of the world.)

Do you know who won the Gold medal in cross-country skiing in Vancouver? Do you really care?



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