I saw a shooting star the other night. It was about 3:30 a.m., my usual bathroom middle-of-the-night pit stop and, looking up and outside the bathroom window there it was, a pearl falling down the sky. Right, it wasn’t shooting so much as falling, vertically, and it took less than a second to witness.

Of course, it left a deep impression; it’s not every day that one sees a falling star (I know that it’s not really a star but a meteoroid entering the earth’s atmosphere). The last time this happened was in 1984.

I was on a “nowhere drive” with my father, a few months past my mother’s death from cancer at age 60. We decided to go on a camping trip together and strung out a meandering journey that took us through Vermont, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, New York State and Ontario.

Near the end of our three or four weeks together, as the days started getting shorter and fall approached, we were staying at a campsite near the St. Lawrence River near Thousand Islands, Ontario. We were strolling after dinner and I looked up into the night sky and there it was, a beautiful and clear shooting star.

I’ve always been a bit of a superstitious type. After seeing the ‘star’ the other night I immediately thought, “This is a good omen.”

I get this trait from my mother who was always saying, “Knock wood,” whenever she heard something good and wanted to make sure it stuck. I’m sure that I would think that it’s a good sign if I were to see anything rare, like a bear or an eastern cougar traipsing around our property. I didn’t feel this way when my wife and I saw a beautiful owl right outside our house last winter but I should have.

When I finally told my wife about the shooting star I mentioned something that I had brought up not too long ago with her, of a premonition I had that 2014 would be a wonderful year.

I’m a bit of a psychic but, unfortunately, not a very precise one.

I was convinced this summer that we would have sold our house by the fall. I “saw” us packing our things and moving into our new house by now, mid-December. Err, it didn’t happen, although I still think that it will. Soon. I just got the timing off.

So when I tell my wife that “I have a feeling” about this or that, naturally she takes it with a grain of salt.

Still, I do have a great feeling about the year that’s approaching, shooting star or not.

We will sell our home and move into the other one that we’ve been finishing and buying furniture for since May.  We most probably will take that dream vacation in the spring. I’ll go further out on a limb and state categorically that the litany of physical problems we encountered in 2013 are over. The year 2014 is going to be a great adventure.

Anyway, on that note I wish one and all a great New Year. I know that it’s a bit early to start with these type of wishes but the shooting star hit me a bit early and…

Yes, a great and fantastic New Year to everyone!



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