The Troops Swoop Down


The Troops Swoop Down

My wife was admonishing me. “Will you stop trying to correct all the drivers??!!”

She was right. I do like to correct other drivers. Those who don’t put on their headlights and think that the day lights are good enough at night will get a flickering from mine. Don’t these drivers know that their rear lights are not illuminated? Ditto for people driving at night with no headlights at all (usually at dusk). I have been known to glare at drivers (I’m usually on my bike at the time) who get stuck in gridlock hoping that, even though there’s tons of traffic, it will suddenly ease up and let them through the intersection before the light turns red. Doesn’t always happen.

At the corner of Vezina and Decarie Boulevard where I usually stop at the red light on my way to work at Decarie Square – either in the car or on my bike – I have seen plenty of selfish, greedy and impatient drivers blocking ongoing traffic because of the misguided hope (see above).

Where are the cops when you need them? I often think.

I have heard that driving in Canada without your day lights on is a $500 infraction. Have you ever seen cops stop a driver for driving without his or her day lights on? How about the scores of cars one sees in Quebec with only one working headlight?


Anyway, on my way to work this morning what should I see but the “swooping of the troops”, Montreal’s finest at the corner of Vezina and Decarie – on both sides of the expressway! – and on the lookout… Not only there but also at the entrance to Decarie Square at Vezina and Coolbrook busy catching all kinds of gridlock-creating scallywags! It was like fishing in a wading pond. Three intersections, three cars caught in the middle.

“Yes,” I thought, “finally!”

The only negative to come afterwards was this deliberation: if this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, it won’t take long before local drivers, in a hurry to get to work in constant anxiety-inducing rush-hour, will begin to unlearn the lesson gained via the uncomfortable experience of an expensive ticket and start again taking the chance that, as stated above, although the traffic is heavy, there might be a chance that it might give way before the light turns red.




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