20 minutes

I surprised myself with how much I ate just now. Finished off last night left-over pasta meal that was large enough, my wife said, to last for two meals. Followed it with a bowl of plain ‘Balkan-style’ (hi-caloric) yogourt with maple syrup poured on top but, still greedy for more calories, I threw some dates into the mix. I wasn’t finished, however. I toasted a slice of six-grain bread and generously smeared peanut butter on it.

Now I’m sipping Bengal Spice tea and I can honestly say that I’ve had enough to eat. Some jazz is playing on my IPod (Esperanza Spalding) and I can look up at any time and gaze at the snowy outdoors.

We went snowshoeing just before lunch and the snow was quite heavy (it’s 3 degrees Celsius outside). Whatever amount of snow you might see looking outside your window right now I can guarantee that we have more. How’s that for cocky?

Er, unless you live in the Boston area. Following my morning meditation, I had time to catch the last ten minutes of my favorite TV show, “Sunday morning with George Stephanopoulos”. Scrolling along the bottom of the TV screen were all the church study-group cancellations. Bostonians just might have more snow than us.

Our storm is coming this Wednesday, to be added to what we received recently (about 70 cm, according to the website of the local cross-country ski place we were thinking of going to this morning before we opted for snowshoeing around our property).

So plans have to be changed this week to avoid doing food deliveries on Wednesday and avoid getting caught up in the upcoming blizzard.

I’m thinking about the bold prediction I made before the season started when I said to Grace that we’d be getting a lot of snow this winter. It wasn’t the case in January when we experienced a serious thaw. Even during the first week of February. I have memories of January usually being the snowy month and of February being cold, sunny but blizzard-free. Not this winter.

In fact, for much of the winter, the heavy late-December snowstorm excluded, I was left questioning my psychic abilities for, as I’ve said, I confidently predicted back in November that there’d be lots of snow. But we’re getting it now, aren’t we?!

The reason why I decided to try to predict how much snow we’d get is because we were planning a short winter vacation which included a little cross-country skiing at Gatineau Park and we had to decide which weekend to book. I had this feeling that a certain weekend would be better than any weekend prior and, lo and behold, the day that we drove to Wakefield, Quebec, was during one of this winter’s real snowstorms – February 8th. It was so bad that I had to talk Grace into not turning around while still caught up in the Montreal traffic mayhem and try again the next morning. So, what if we drove to Ottawa at only 80 km/h? We got there, didn’t we?

We were able to book into the B&B on time (even though all the other guests had cancelled) and go to the show at the Black Sheep Inn that night which we had bought tickets for online, and, the following morning, take the Yoga class that the B&B advertises  followed by a day of cross-country skiing.

So the snow came after all. And is still coming.

Following my dad’s funeral, I didn’t realize how exhausted I’d be. Today, while outside, I could feel tiredness well up from somewhere deep inside. No doubt, I’m burned out.

So that more or less describes the last 20 minutes and more. As I look outside and see it snowing lightly, lightly overcast, I’m content. I’m not grumbling about the continued winter weather that others seem to be complaining about. I know that soon enough it’ll be warmer than we’d like: it seems that all we’ve gotten these past few years are very warm springs that seem to mimic summer. The snow’s gone in a flash; it’s very warm but there are no leaves on the trees.

It’s true that I’d rather not go to work this week, but there’s nothing that I can do about that.



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