While Waiting for my coffee

You want to be noticed and you are. Not in the way you would wish, no, not in the way you wanted when you had the procedure.

Or was it procedures? How many did it take to erase the lines on your face, specifically around your eyes, your mouth, your cheeks and forehead?

Yes, you’re noticed but sadly not as how youthful you look but how strange. Your “youthfulness” is a bizarre mask on your face; it stands out much more than if you carried the lines of an older person. Your smooth face shows so much more than youthfulness. It shows vanity, a herd mentality, insecurity.

You might be very pleased by how you look; it’s not hard to talk oneself into believing anything. And the sad thing is that it’s not reversible; you can’t get those lines back, the ones you hated, the ones that reminded you of your age, of your impending death. But these reminders are on your face anyway, they’re still there in your eyes. One can grasp in a flash what you’ve done; you’ve advertized it more clearly than if you had gotten a tattoo. Slim, wearing jeans, probably over 60, maybe even 65, but fronted by a mask of a face, garish, stretched, smooth: a bourgeois Halloween totem that’s truly scary.


3 thoughts on “While Waiting for my coffee

  1. I enjoyed your narrative of the thoughts that go through peoples’ minds when they see a face lift on someone who is too obviously too old for one and who looks too phony. I have another thought however to share with you- what if that lady had been in a depression for awhile, and the face lift made her feel so beautiful, youthful and good about herself, giving her a new lease on life. I know it might sound very superficial to you, but for many women they do experience a greater sense of well being if they feel more attractive and happier about themselves. Perhaps you can think about that the next time you see a women who’s had a face lift.

    1. Hi Deb,
      People, I think, can hold onto so many delusions, maybe more if they are depressed. One of these can be that she looks more beautiful with a stretched, awful-looking face. If she gets a new lease on life looking like a freak… or more well-being, as you say, then something is seriously wrong with this person, in my estimation. Same could be said for a full-body tatoo, although these are sometimes statements of individuality.

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