Too Many Keys, Part 2

It’s not often that I get it right. And so quickly. The nervous energy that I wrote about in my first blog, that seemed to make me feel that I was “all thumbs” has significantly been reduced due to two factors. One, the exercise program which I hoped would help has indeed made a difference. I am aware of less stress in my arms, something which has significantly tapered off over the past two weeks, now that I’ve started working out. I can feel a certain calmness and lack of tension in my forearms and biceps that was not there before.

The second improvement has been in how I go about finding my keys. I no longer fumble around looking for the right key but lay them out in my open palm and more often than not the key that I’m looking for is right there for the taking. If not, I move them around a bit and then pick the right key out.

I know that in the scheme of things this is pretty minor stuff but it’s all part of a personal quest in “getting things right”, and feeling together. I dislike being stressed; emotional stress is subtle and hard to get a handle on but the out-of-control chi that was starting to dominate my physical awareness was something that I believed I could control.

It feels good to know that I’m going in the right direction with more physical exercise (I plan on going three times a week  and will follow the schedule set up by my personal trainer, Andrew) along with a softer, calmer mindfulness at play in my everyday consciousness.


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