He’s finally home.
She’s excited; there’s a happy glow in her eyes.


“So… you want to know if I bought the tickets.”
“And you want to know if I got good seats.”
“I know there were still some good seats available.”
“Right. Did you also know the price of these tickets? ”

He speaks with his back to her, as he carefully puts away his umbrella.
“Well, Streisand isn’t cheap. I imagine they were quite expensive.”
“You’re right, they were.”

He hangs up his raincoat in the closet.
“How much?”
“One seventy-five for two tickets. And these were the cheapest seats. ”
“That is a lot.”
“That doesn’t count the taxes on top of that.”

Pause. He looks at her now.
“So let’s see them,” she says.

She has her hands out. She’s smiling.
“Come on, let’s see.”
“I didn’t buy them.”
“You heard me.”

This comes out as if she’s been hit in the stomach.
“You heard me.”
“You bastard.”
“That’s me,” he sings.
“You promised.”
“I know.”

They’re both frozen in their places. Neither can move.
“You promised!”

She growls out the words.

Now she looks away. He doesn’t dare touch her. He would like to. He would like to put his hand on her shoulder, at the very least, but he knows that she’ll throw his hand off. It’ll inflame her more, if that’s possible.

“Why not? Because they were so expensive?”

She’s talking to the floor, her stiff back bent over slightly.
“Is that not a good enough reason?
“No,” he repeats in a sarcastic tone.
“No, and you know it’s true. I’ve never asked for much and this was too much for you, wasn’t it?”
“Don’t! Don’t try telling me how right you are by not spending your hard-earned money. How well you manage your hard-earned money! I’m sick of your hard-earned money. You know how badly I wanted to see this show. I’ve only talked about it for months, at least since April. Did you think of that when you saw the very expensive tickets? Big fucking deal.”

She’s putting her raincoat on now. He has nothing to say. He thought he was doing the right thing when he decided to not buy the tickets, which he believed he was doing it for the two of them, but now he isn’t so sure. It’s possible that she’s right. He may have put himself before her; this is how it is between them. He was going to tell her that he would buy her a couple of Streisand Cd’s but never mind. In the paralysis that follows, she has zipped up her raincoat.

When the door slams shut, the dishes in the kitchen cupboard rattle.


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