Hello world!

Hello world!

My first reaction to my Creative Writing teacher when he suggested that we all start our own blogs was, “Uh, oh, not me.”

Funny how things can change. By the following day I had changed my mind; quite often these days ideas of interesting subjects will flit through my mind and, sorry, but I’m tired of writing to myself. (I can’t tell you how many writing journals I have around the house. Beautiful books with a few pages written in them). Writing a blog, while not garnering the attention of the world (ha, ha), perhaps not even, let’s say, five people, still makes one a little more responsible and careful about how one writes, and what one writes about. (This is a theory; I will have to read a few myself to see the quality of the blogs on this site.)

So I’ve decided to start this blog and take up my prof’s suggestion that we write something every day.

As for details about myself, etc. I will allow the blogs over time to introduce myself to the world and my perceptions and ideas about it.

Thank you,

Ron Silverman


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